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Building a massive physique is not something that is done overnight. It takes time and dedication in addition to a well thought out plan. Many beginner body builders enter the gym expecting to walk out of there looking like a pro. That just doesn’t happen unless you are willing to put your time in to get the results you want. To engage in body building for muscle mass you have to start with a basic plan. This article outlines the basic information you need to consider.

A solid plan designed to help you achieve your body building goals is the foundation for your workouts. Each and every workout has to be customized to your particular needs and what you want to accomplish in the gym that particular day. Depending on your individual needs you can use the information below to develop a workout plan that is right for you.

Here are four basic tenets you need to consider in developing a workout plan:

1. How many days per week will you workout? It’s good to decide this before hand. When you have a set frequency each week you are more likely to stick with it. If you try to workout when it’s convenient or when time allows you likely will never go. Schedule the time each week whether it’s three, four or five days a week. Alway know when you are supposed to workout.

2. What is your ultimate goal for your workout? You know what you want to accomplish in the gym. If you are body building for muscle mass then your goals will be different than someone that is powerlifting. You should always preestablish your goals for each workout. This will keep you focused and determined so your time in the gym will be most productive.

3. What exercises will you perform during each workout? Once you’ve established your goals and your workout frequency you need to determine exactly which exercises you will perform. This should be done before you get to the gym. You will save so much time than if you try to “wing” once you get there. Know what exercises you are going to do. Do them then get out of there.

4. How many sets and reps will you perform for each exercise? It’s always a good idea to know exactly how many sets you plan on performing of each exercise. Determine this before you start your workout. This will simply help you be more productive at the gym.

Before starting your body building for muscle mass workouts you should always determine how many days per week you will work out; what your ultimate goal is; what exercises you will perform; and how many sets you will perform. Keep a workout journal and write out your specific plan for each workout as outlined above. This way you can record the sets, reps and weights that you lifted and chart your progress as the weeks and months progress.

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Nutrition For Body Building

Those who are health conscious and thinking about their body building or muscle toning, need to have balanced nutrition. In such a case, certain food types are recommended, yet it is found that the body lacks certain nutrients. In such a case, it becomes necessary that the individuals are given some body supplements. There are many different types of supplements available – choose the one which your body needs.

Those who are on body building routines and follow strict routines are usually prescribed a diet, which they are required to follow time and again. Still, it has been found that the body lacks energy and there is problem in general health and well being. This is an indication that the body is not getting the required nutrition. In such a case, it becomes necessary to have dietary supplements which help to fulfill the deficiency of the body. There are various kinds of nutritional and body supplements available, which you can use as per your requirements. Just ask your trainer about the different types of body supplements which are needed by your body.

Body supplements are all those nutrients which are essential for those who are on strict diet and have rigorous work out sessions. Muscle building supplement requires some special nutrients for the body which helps to build and tone the muscles. If essential nutrients are not available, the body will not be able to cope with rigorous training schedules. There are different types of nutritional supplements available for people who are on strict workout schedules and need elaborate body building.

Muscle building supplement – This is a special supplement which helps to strengthen and build muscles. You can carry out your regular exercise schedule, but along with good food and nutrition, you can have muscle building supplement. This supplement is made up of all necessary minerals and vitamins which are required by the body for healthy growth and development.

Supplement for building muscles are available in local drugstores and supermarkets, but it is always advisable to buy these supplements from some renowned brands. This ensures that the supplements are of good quality and have all the nutrition which your body needs. In fact all such bodybuilding and nutrition supplements which are available are the research work of several years which are made available for different users. A lot of survey and research is carried out to find which kind of bodybuilding nutrition is most required by our body and hence after considering different factors such muscle building supplements are developed.

Weight training supplements are specially designed for those people who are on a strict weight training routine. These supplements make the body cope with regular training and exercises, helping the body to stay fit and healthy. Nutrition for body building needs to taken regular at the time mentioned on the labels. This shall ensure that you have enough of all supplements which your body might crave. You can have some of these supplements before your weight training schedule and some after your weight training, as per the directions mentioned in the label of the supplement.

Just ask your trainer about the different types of body supplements which are needed by your body. Muscle building supplement requires some special nutrients for the body which helps to build and tone the muscles.

Sytropin Body Building

body building
by Karwik

We have a fascination with the perfect body. It may have something to do with symmetry. Ever since Leonardo’s depiction of man and the ratio 1:: 1.44 have we sought to look good and to the extent that we diet, exercise and perhaps take supplements like sytropin. Body building is still fashionable these days though for some it may not to exaggerate the muscles but to tone them and keep them firm. There are difficulties though to keeping in shape these days and perhaps technology is partly to blame.

Before the onset of modern technology, physical activity was a given in everyday life. For most societies, the day started before dawn. Chores such as chopping wood, fetching water, milking the cow were standard in most households. These activities were not deemed as hard and tiresome but were part of everyday life. In fact, walking a mile to school was considered normal and ordinary. Previous to this way of living, other civilizations were worse. A “Spartan Life” refers to the rough and tough roles Spartan men had in their society. As a warrior class, boys were raised early on to fight as soldiers, enduring much pain and suffering in order to survive. For those of us who have watch the movie “The 300,” the scenes depicted there regarding Spartan life is almost factually based. Those who also watched the movie marvelled at the physique of the Spartan soldiers, as they were lean and mean most with washboard abdominals and all fit to the core. The Ancient Olympics games were a testament to man’s physical ability and man’s physique as well. In those days, the games were played and only seen by males since most athletes competed in the buff. And to this day, we as spectators marvel at athletes during the modern Olympics not also for their skill and athleticism but also on how toned their bodies are. There is nothing wrong with appreciating their fitness and perhaps unconsciously, it is wishful thinking that we had their bodies, or perhaps we remember that once some time back, we did.

The quest for achieving the perfect body is big business as well. If one were to consider the amount of money invested for spas, gyms, tanning salons, and fitness centers, these investments run in the billions and many more are being built. And this is just one aspect of the health and wellness industry. The number of diet plans and systems these days has multiplied and continue to grow. Staring out with the Atkins Diet, The High Protein Diet, the Scarsdale Diet, the South Beach Diet, The Cabbage Soup Diet, the list goes on and on. Most of these diets now have their ready to eat microwaveable meals for those who do not have the time and patience to learn how to cook them. Then there is the natural supplement market and its niches as well that are the new players in the industry. From herbalife, nutrilife, usana, and even Sytropin Body Building, these companies continue to come up with their products for various segments of the market like the case of sytropin that can be linked with body building. In the end, with so many choices available, it is your choice on what to sift and filter, and what to use to try to get back to shape, in the hopes of having that perfect body. provides detailed information about Sytropin Body Building injections and its benefits, where to buy HGH, and reviews of best HGH sprays, supplements, vitamins, and more.

Best Body Building Products

body building
by aplumb

All of us want to be healthy. Gents, especially the youth of today are inclined towards the body building regime. They want to look handsome, with mighty muscles. Body building is a regime that is often combined with good diet and strict work out regime. There are a flurry of body building products in the market which promise complete health and weight gain. But to choose the right one is very difficult as it is not always about gaining weight. Force Factor is a stand out in this category of products.  

Know More:

Nitric oxide is one of the primary ingredients which body builders, models, actors and sportsmen prefer to build instant muscles with little strain on the bones and the tendons. Force factor is a product which amalgamates Nitric Oxide with many natural sources of protein. Thus this product can encourage muscle development with no side effects.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide:

* Helps to get stronger pumps and muscle fullness.
* Enhances your mental awareness.
* Strengthens the blood flow and the oxygen supply to the body tissues.
* Nitric Oxide also increases your strength, endurance and power.

Along with nitric oxide this product has a number of essential proteins and amino acids like Argenine-compounds, Calcium Phosphate and Di-potassium phosphate. These are all natural amino acid essentials taken from the natural sources like dry fruits, eggs, soya and beans.

What is special about Force Factor ?

* Arginine is one of the important components to heal, cleanse, enhance hormone stimulation. All these are vital to gain power. Force factor’s unique capability to boost Arginines in your body is the key.

* It is available on a 30 day money back trial. You can also buy this on a free trial basis wiby paying only a nominal $ 4.99 as a handling and shipping charges.

* The best part of this product is that it has no side effects. The reason for this is it helps to gain weight very gradually. Slowly as you work out you gain the muscle power and energy. Your strength training sessions gradually becomes more effective due to its consumption. Well there are many physician who may suggest you its name as well.

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Body Building Tip

body building
by ViaMoi

So you’ve finally decided to get serious about Body-Building. You feel the urge to fulfill your New Year’s resolution or maybe you want to put on some muscle for the new sport you’ve taken up. Maybe you might want to look awesome when you hit the beach for the holidays. Good for you for taking the first step. Now, you’re thinking, what do I do next?

Body-building can be divided into two equal parts: Nutrition and Training. The formula is quite simple. Eat right, train right, get enough rest and you’re on your way to building yourself a better body. Stick to this formula and you can’t go wrong, guaranteed.


You will need a basic but effective training routine to build the foundation for your body. Training will comprise of Weight Training and Cardio.

For weight training, you will focus on Upper and Lower Body. For your Upper body, your main muscle groups are your Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps. For your Lower body, your main muscle groups are your Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves and Abdominals.

Below are some examples of weights exercises. You may use free weights like dumbbells or barbells or you may use machine weights. Remember, don’t be overconfident and try to lift more than you are able to. You don’t want to injure yourself and put yourself out of training for a few weeks. Try the weight and reduce or increase the load accordingly for the next set if you are comfortable.

Exercises (Upper Body) (6-10 Repetitions x 3 Sets):

Chest – Barbell Bench Press / Dumbbell Bench Press Back – Pull-ups / Seated Cable Rows / Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown Shoulders – Seated Dumbbell Press / Upright Barbell Rows Biceps – Dumbbell curls / Barbell Curls / Alternate Curls Triceps – Seated Triceps Press / Bench Dips / Lying Triceps Presses

Exercises (Lower Body) (6-10 Repetitions x 3 Sets):

Quadriceps – Barbell Squats / Leg Press Hamstrings – Dumbbell Lunges / Lying Leg Curls Calves – Seated Calf Raises / Standing Heel Raises Abs – Floor Crunches / Hanging Knee Raises

For Cardio, you can choose low-intensity workouts with Steady-state Exercise or high-intensity workouts with Interval Training. For either one, you can choose an appropriate cardio exercise (e.g. running, cycling, swimming, etc.). As with weights training, progress gradually and be sure to warm-up and stretch before you start your routine.

Steady-State Exercise

– Warm-up for 5 minutes (fast walk or slow jog). – Maintain 45% – 60% of maximum effort for 30 – 45 minutes. – Cool down for 5 minutes.

Interval Training

– Warm-up for 5 minutes (fast walk or slow jog). – a) Go moderately hard (70% – 80% of maximum effort) for 1 minute. – b) Maintain 50% – 60% of maximum effort for 2 – 3 minutes – Repeat sequence (a-b) for a total of 6 – 10 intervals. – Cool down for 5 minutes.


This is often an overlooked portion for people who are serious about Bodybuilding. It should be realised that no matter how hard you train, it comes down to nothing if your diet stinks. Your diet plays a crucial role in your journey to building a better body. Besides the generic 3-6 meals a day, your diet should be somewhere in ratio of 40-30-30 (40% protein, 30% carbohydrates, 30% healthy fats). Try to eat 1 gram of protein for every pound of your body weight. Try and prepare some meals and freeze them beforehand, the night after at least. This is to ensure you don’t cheat on your diet. Should you want to take the guesswork of preparing a good meal, or if you can’t stomach that much protein, you might want to consider a good MRP (meal replacement powder) or protein powder. Below are some examples of good sources of proteins and carbohydrates.

Protein – Fat-free milk, whole eggs, beef, chicken breast, low-fat yogurt, turkey bacon, tuna, etc.

Carbohydrates – Mixed-grain bread, pears, berries, brown rice, beans, mixed-grain crackers, etc.

I’d recommend a systematic program such as, Turbulence Training if you wish to purchase one. Otherwise this is good enough for now! Just remember the simple rules above and you’ll be well on your way to a better body, I guarantee it! Good luck and happy lifting!

Writen By: Anthony Ramone

Body Building

Body building is one of the many ways on how to sculpt or modify your body by transforming the fats in your body into large muscles. Building muscle is achieved through comprehensive muscle hypertrophy, or the scientific term that means the boost of muscle cells. There are a lot of ways to build your muscles; probably one of the most common and effective forms of body building is weight training. Weight training is one of the ways to improve the size and strength of the skeletal muscles by using assorted kinds of gym equipments such as barbells, weight machines, and dumbbells among others.


Building muscles can also be achieved with different forms of weight training exercises which do not require you to use equipment such as press-ups and pull-ups in which you do not need to carry weights; but body building can also be a combination of both weight training exercises and the weight training machines and equipments. Weight training is also a favorite regimen among athletes and enthusiasts of weight lifting, which is another type of sport that needs more built muscles to successfully carry barbells that are loaded with heavy weight plates.


Body builders can also choose to hire personal trainers, who would guide you to regulate your weight training routines, monitor your balanced diet, and help you achieve the desired size and strength of your muscles. For you to be able to continuously do your body building routines, you must have sufficient amount of protein in your body. Most body builders usually intake protein shakes and food items rich in whey protein.  Whey protein is beneficial for your health because it helps in repairing and rebuilding muscle tissues. It is most commonly taken after workouts because it surges up the number of amino acids in the blood, which are ultimately transformed into massive muscles.


You also have to choose the right exercise gyms, which must provide a complete set of weight training equipments necessary for body building. You can find the list of gyms in the place near you in Services Ireland Directory or SID, an online directory that serves the needs of Irish businesses and customers like you. You can search in their web portal, for instance, gyms Tallaght or gyms Dublin or body building Dublin, since you can just put on keywords in their search box to easily find results.


In Tallaght, you can find Arena Leisure, which has free weights of up to sixty kilograms, and a gym which is fully-equipped with cardiovascular and resistance machines. If you live near Tallaght, Arena Leisure is the right place for you. In Dublin, they also have Herbeton Leisure, which also has a gym area that is fully-equipped with cardiovascular and resistance equipments. They also have hydro-therapy pool, jacuzzi, steam room, large leisure pool, and sauna for your leisure experience after your strenuous body building routines. There are a lot more services in Services Ireland Directory that can help you with your body building routines and prepare you for the body building championships.

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