Mickey Mehta’s fitness tips for Mumbai Marathon

The 2010 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (January 17th) is an event that is just a few days away. For all those who are gearing up for this event, now is the time to keep in mind some basic facts related to your health and fitness, while you are on the run…



With hardly a week to go, you are obviously not expected to undergo thourough marathon training that must actually begin at best, a year before. But you still need to fine tune your body and set it right, so that your fitness and energy levels are prepared for the D-day.

And at the very least for a week, starting today, you can –

1. Jog or brisk walk for at least 30 minutes so as to keep your body rhythm going. This is best done in the morning as the heat is much less at this time of the day, and those who prefer to work out indoors can follow a 30 minute aerobic activity.

2. Warm up before each session. This is important to prevent injuries. Warm up for 10 min to get the blood circulation revved up and flow into your muscles. Follow this up with proper stretches to enhance flexibility and suppleness.

3. Consult your doctor/physician to gauge your current fitness status.

4. Adopt a positive attitude for better visualization of how much you can run.

5. A light massage three days prior to the run will help to relax your muscles and to remove toxins.

6. The best way is to start slow and build up gradually. As training too hard in the initial stages could reduce your sustenance and motivation. There is also the risk of developing injuries.

7. Ensure that your workout is coupled with rest to allow your muscles to recover faster. Lethargy and fatigue are other manifestations if you overlook rest periods.

8. Take sips of water at every station during the run. Hydrate yourself well. Coconut water or diluted orange juice are helpful. The temperature of water during the run must be just cool to keep down the core body temp and to prevent heat exhaustion.

9. Ideal gear for the marathon must include comfortable shoes (Ascics or New Balance or Addidas). These give proper and comfortable heel support. It is better to avoid using brand new shoes and socks on the day of the run. Shorts and stockings from Nike called “Skins” are recommended. Wear white colored cotton shirts or T shirts. These are preferred for better heat absorption.

10. On the day of the Marathon, before you start your run, observe 2 minute silence, disconnect from the immediate past and feel fresh. Prayers and positive visualization are important to experience joy and de-clutter the mind.To read more about Mickey Mehta’s fitness tips for Mumbai Marathon

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