Tips to Develop Your Own Fitness Program

A fitness program should be aimed mainly at keeping fit. It can be done in a gym, outdoors and even indoors in your own home. The choice of where and how to go about this fitness program is one hundred percent up to you. If there are parks or good roads nearby, then a walk or jog is possible. So, looking around is the first step towards developing a fitness program. You need to decide when you will find time and where you would be comfortable doing your exercises. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money and buy expensive fitness equipment. There are many easier methods that can be adopted and inculcated into your daily routine so you can remain fit and maybe even lose weight, too.

The primary aim while developing a fitness program is developing strong muscles, building stamina, cardiovascular conditioning and healthy weight loss. Regular fitness exercise will be able to give you all this and more. A happy, long and healthy life is possible through workouts and good diet. Sticking to a regular routine of physical exercise can also help with weight.

Basic Guidelines

Never make your fitness program boring and monotonous. Try different things and, if possible, do it with a friend. The support to continue with the program is greater when there are two of you. Moreover, workouts can be fun and both of you can bond over the routines. But care should be taken to select someone you are comfortable with.

A cardiovascular exercise like jogging, walking, running, skipping or playing games should definitely be part of the program. These exercises are very good for getting a full-body workout. A good exercise video can also help here. There are many aerobic exercise videos which are beneficial as well as a lot of fun. If you have a buddy for your program then you can enjoy it even more. Videos are less expensive than equipment and can be watched and practiced in your own home. There are other things like using the stairs, vacuuming, mowing, and so forth, that you can do in order to get some exercise around the house. Those interested in dancing can try out certain moves and, lo and behold, you are working out. These are small things that you wouldn’t even notice but can give you a good work out. Play games like soccer, basketball, kickball and others and get a complete workout while getting some recreation.

Things To Do

When you begin, begin slowly and work your way up. Always warm up and stretch before and after all fitness sessions. It is not possible to be fit in a single day. It involves lots of hard work, discipline and dedication. These kinds of fitness programs are ideal for healthy weight loss and maintenance. It is necessary to work out for a minimum of thirty minutes every day for the program to be effective enough to produce results. Fitness programs should not be taken as a project that ends, but should be a change in lifestyle that should be adopted for life.

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5 Tips For Fitness Marketing

A HUGE part of fitness marketing is referrals. Apply these 5 tips to your fitness boot camp or personal training business, and your clients will RAVE about your business, bringing you tons of referrals. They’re basically doing your fitness marketing for you. Let’s face it, you can do all the fitness marketing you want, but if you don’t have a GREAT service, it’s like filling a bucket of water that has holes in the bottom.

1. It’s Show Time

Treat your fitness boot camp like a show! You’re not teaching, you’re giving a friggin performance… Act like the MAIN EVENT

2. Bring the ENERGY!

It’s the difference between a good boot camp and a great one. It’s the difference between your boot camp and the one down the street. Anyone can stand there and count reps.

Pretend you’re on a TV show in front of the nation… And friggin’ BRING IT!

3. Stay Vertical

Demonstrate exercises without getting on the ground… Not everyone can hear or see you and it takes to long… Plus it sucks when people are standing around so STAY VERTICAL.

4. Go A.P.E.


Give each and every client MASSIVE appreciation every workout; stay passionate by constantly learning new kick butt workouts and bring the enthusiasm by linking your boot camp to achieving your life dream.

5. Be the Alpha Male Of The Group (AMOG)

And that means FEMALE instructors too… Yep that’s right…

You’re clients, especially the female ones, naturally follow the AMOG’s. So be the AUTHORITY.

(Tip) Make needless corrections… like telling your clients to move their feet in ½ an inch… Clients will work harder… and get better results… If they’re CONVINCED you’re the AMOG authority!

Apply these tips, and I GUARANTEE your clients will get way more out of the training – they’ll become addicted to it. And they’ll tell ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS about it – they’ll do your fitness marketing for you!

Fitness Marketing
Marketing your Fitness Business

Weight Loss Tips For Summer Fitness


According to acclaimed health and diet experts, Mehmet Oza and Michael Roizen, one way to curb your appetite is by exercising at the gym. But not just any type of exercise. They emphasize combining cardiovascular exercises and strength training. In their online newspaper column, YOU Docs Daily, they cite a small 16 week study comparing a group of men who did only aerobics for 60 minutes or only weight training, to men who did no exercise at all and to men who combined only 22 minutes of cardio training with lifting weights. Results indicated that men who combined both aerobics and weight lifting were actually less hungry and ate fewer calories. The experts speculate that this powerful combination, cardiovascular training with weight training, might affect blood levels of fats, glucose, amino acids, and even hormones that affect appetite.


Pay attention to the way you think and feel. If emotions are stirring up inside of you, and your immediate response is to reach for food, STOP! In fact, plan to stop in advance of your food craving. Have a plan, a pre-organized and structured activity to engage in when that emotional hunger pang strikes.

· Choose a good buddy to call and leave a message if you get that person’s machine.
· Write a page in your journal, before reaching for the food.
· Go online and check all your emails and respond to everyone, before you reach for food.
· Take a five minute walk before opening the refrigerator.
· Talk to someone about the way you are feeling, a friend or a therapist.


Stress occurs when you are excited, exhilarated, upset, angry, confused, tired, feeling responsible for more than you think you can handle.

· Take a breather, literally, breathe slowly and deliberately for a few minutes.
· Allow your thoughts to fill your mind and gradually let the thoughts subside as your racing mind slows down.
· List what you want, need or feel you must accomplish and then prioritize the list to only focus on the most immediate concerns
· DO the task NOW that you least want to do, the one that hovers in your thoughts and stresses your mind
· Take some amount of time to just relax your mind and your body.


Have you been getting by on 4, 5 or 6 hours of sleep every night and then “catching up” on the weekends or on only one or two days? Well, recent research suggests that your body does not “catch up.” You need to get adequate sleep every night so that all of your organs can replenish themselves and take a much needed rest from your daytime activities. It seems that getting 7 ½ hours of sleep is important to help your body maintain its weight. Getting less sleep seems to affect your blood sugar levels and can actually interfere with losing weight.


Remember the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, apples do more than keep your body healthy. Apples provide fiber and help you to have that full feeling, especially if you eat one or two apples a short time before eating your regular meals. Another surprising food that many of us neglect is legumes and beans. Beans are another very important source of fiber that can help to curb your appetite. Yes, they contain some carbohydrates, but are a much better choice than bread or cake or pasta for helping you to feel full.


I love this one! often has some wonderful tidbits about keeping yourself healthy. One suggestion is to photograph the food you are about to eat. This causes you to think about what you are eating before you bite into it. Just that brief moment, the time it takes to photograph it, can cause you to stop and think and make a healthier and lower calorie choice in the next few moments.


Now this one is not for everyone, but dentists will love it! Recently, I had to have a tooth extracted. That’s when I discovered this powerful diet. Once your tooth is removed, your gums are bleeding and highly sensitive. It is impossible to chew on any food, so you must liquefy everything you attempt to eat. Result is – food, for the moment, is totally unappealing. You just can’t eat anything. Great way to lose weight. However, that intense pain only lasts for one or two days, and in no time you can go right back to eating as much as you want, all day long.

If you are determined to lose weight, you will! Sometimes, one these seemingly silly ways to lose weight can be exactly what you need to jump start yourself into really following a weight loss diet regime. Here’s to finding your own way, now, so that you can feel proud of yourself and enjoy your slender body in the months to come.

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Tips For Achieving Fitness Over 40

Anyone that has reached a particular age will probably tell you that fitness over 40 is especially difficult, and they wouldn’t be imagining this.  The body of course changes as a person gets older and many of these changes are not exactly for the better!  Even someone that has been in shape their whole life may find that the pounds start to creep on after four decades, and that fitness over 40 becomes increasingly difficult to manage.  But as difficult as it may be, there are ways to stay in shape no matter what your age; understanding the body’s changes and addressing them is a large part of that.  Let’s look at some quick tips for achieving and maintaining fitness over 40 and see if they don’t help you as well.

First, understand that the body’s metabolism naturally slows as a person ages.  This is one big reason why fitness over 40 is often so difficult.  Your metabolism of course refers to the rate at which you burn calories.  When you have a high or fast metabolism you’re burning more calories even at rest than someone with a slower metabolism.  What can keep a metabolism at a healthy rate?  Muscle mass is one factor.  The body works harder to feed and support muscle than it does fat, so the more muscle mass you have the higher your metabolism.  To achieve fitness over 40, it’s good to continue with resistance training or to start it if you’ve never incorporated that into your fitness routine.  You don’t need to become a bodybuilder but just lifting some weights on a regular basis can help tremendously when it comes to fitness over 40.

Increasing one’s exercise routine can also help with fitness over 40.  If the body’s metabolism naturally slows down as a person ages, it’s important to push it even more to keep up the pace.  This may mean mixing up your exercise routine.  If you normally just jog, try using an elliptical trainer twice per week.  Add Pilates or another routine you don’t normally use to wake up your muscles and push your metabolism as well.  These are all ways to increase your levels of fitness over 40 and to help you stay in shape.

There are also many supplements a person might consider to maintain fitness over 40.  These help to replenish depleted vitamins and minerals which in turn can help when a person is trying to maintain fitness over 40.  Protein supplements are also good as protein helps to build and feed muscles, and muscles will help to keep up the metabolism.  Since cell regeneration also slows down after a particular age, supplements can help with cell repair and overall health.  There are also those that help to maintain heart health and joint health, two things that also make fitness over 40 difficult.  It’s tough to keep up with your exercise routine when your knees creak!  So consider these things and you’re sure to have success with staying fit at any age.

You should not be embarrassed about wanting to get into better shape. You can shed those pounds with proven workouts like P90X and Insanity!

Mickey Mehta’s fitness tips for Mumbai Marathon

The 2010 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (January 17th) is an event that is just a few days away. For all those who are gearing up for this event, now is the time to keep in mind some basic facts related to your health and fitness, while you are on the run…



With hardly a week to go, you are obviously not expected to undergo thourough marathon training that must actually begin at best, a year before. But you still need to fine tune your body and set it right, so that your fitness and energy levels are prepared for the D-day.

And at the very least for a week, starting today, you can –

1. Jog or brisk walk for at least 30 minutes so as to keep your body rhythm going. This is best done in the morning as the heat is much less at this time of the day, and those who prefer to work out indoors can follow a 30 minute aerobic activity.

2. Warm up before each session. This is important to prevent injuries. Warm up for 10 min to get the blood circulation revved up and flow into your muscles. Follow this up with proper stretches to enhance flexibility and suppleness.

3. Consult your doctor/physician to gauge your current fitness status.

4. Adopt a positive attitude for better visualization of how much you can run.

5. A light massage three days prior to the run will help to relax your muscles and to remove toxins.

6. The best way is to start slow and build up gradually. As training too hard in the initial stages could reduce your sustenance and motivation. There is also the risk of developing injuries.

7. Ensure that your workout is coupled with rest to allow your muscles to recover faster. Lethargy and fatigue are other manifestations if you overlook rest periods.

8. Take sips of water at every station during the run. Hydrate yourself well. Coconut water or diluted orange juice are helpful. The temperature of water during the run must be just cool to keep down the core body temp and to prevent heat exhaustion.

9. Ideal gear for the marathon must include comfortable shoes (Ascics or New Balance or Addidas). These give proper and comfortable heel support. It is better to avoid using brand new shoes and socks on the day of the run. Shorts and stockings from Nike called “Skins” are recommended. Wear white colored cotton shirts or T shirts. These are preferred for better heat absorption.

10. On the day of the Marathon, before you start your run, observe 2 minute silence, disconnect from the immediate past and feel fresh. Prayers and positive visualization are important to experience joy and de-clutter the mind.To read more about Mickey Mehta’s fitness tips for Mumbai Marathon

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Home Fitness Equipment

fitness tips
by Kecko

These days, everyone wants to stay in shape. We’re constantly bombarded with messages of healthy eating and keeping active, but sometimes we just can’t bring ourselves to go to the gym. Then there’s the cost involved – gym membership can be incredibly expensive, but there is a way around it. If you want to stay fit without the hassle or the expense, investing in home fitness equipment could be just what you’re looking for.

Home fitness equipment – exercise made easy

OK, so exercise is never going to be totally easy, but when you’ve got home fitness equipment it makes the whole thing far less stressful. It’s the perfect solution for people who prefer to work out in the comfort of their own home instead of having to feel embarrassed at the gym, and it has the additional advantage of being incredibly motivating.

Sometimes the thought of actually forcing yourself outside and driving to the gym can be too much to bear, but when you’ve got cross trainers, treadmills or other pieces of equipment at your home there’s really no excuse. A lot of people will find that they do far more exercise than they otherwise would, and after all, that’s what it’s all about.

Finding the home fitness equipment that you need

Of course, you’re only going to reap the benefits of having home fitness equipment if you can find the products that suit at a price you can afford. You might be more interested in bikes than you are cross trainers, for example, and there’s no point getting something that you’re never going to use. Therefore, the first step is to decide on the pieces of equipment that you actually want, and then you need to go out and look for them.

You want to find a supplier that can offer the type of home fitness equipment that you need at a price to suit, whether you’re after cross trainers, treadmills, bikes or anything else. There’s a common misconception that home fitness equipment is incredibly expensive, but if you look carefully and find the right supplier it doesn’t have to be as costly as you might think. It’ll certainly be cheaper than years of gym membership, and if you come to us here at you’ll be able to find great prices as well.

We pride ourselves on providing home fitness equipment of exceptional quality while being incredibly cost-effective at the same time, offering you the perfect way to stay in shape and save some cash. So, if you (or your wallet) can’t face the gym, make sure to come to us to find the home fitness equipment that’s right for you. is your one stop shop for fitness equipment for the home; visit our site today for more information on Home Fitness Equipment and Cross Trainers .