Healthstream Fitness Equipment

Healthstream Fitness Equipment is an Australian brand which is owned and distributed by the company The Fitness Generation. It manufactures fitness equipment and has four ranges to choose. These ranges include elliptical trainers, bikes and rowers and strength equipment. It is sold in 400 stores nationally in Australia and is a key player in Australias fitness equipment industry.

Their products are ideally suited to home use and most equipment can be folded and stored when, not in use. The equipment is user-friendly and has features showing calories burnt and speed and distance achieved. Users can choose equipment fitting their exact need from exercise bikes to strength equipment. Equipment can be set to different levels of intensity depending on your fitness level.

One of their products, the Cardio Twister, can be set to 7 different levels to burn calories or to tone leg and back muscles. It has a bi-directional action which exercises your whole body. The skating motion targets all muscles and is a fast and fun way to get fit. The dual-drive gearbox keeps your body in the correct position for a workout, and the built-in exercise computer counts calories burnt, steps and time. You can try this machine at home for free for 30 days before deciding to buy it.

The Healthstream GS1155T Treadmill has 8 programs and can achieve a speed of 12 km/hr. Speed is set by touch buttons, and other features include mp3 speakers and a fan. Ideal to keep you chill and entertained while exercising. Treadmills have different maximum weight user levels so make sure that your weight does not exceed the level of the machine you buy.

Healthstream Fitness Equipment also supplies rowers, elliptical trainers and home gyms. It offers a wide range catering to your fitness requirements and price. Some equipment is certainly leading in the range with computer functions that show heart rate and incline as well as distance covered. You can preset your exercise program and it will be stored in memory, ready to continue when next you start up to exercise.

The accessories provided by the group include digital skipping ropes, ankle and wrist weights, dumbbells, hand grips, pushup bars and leather weighted skipping ropes, as well as the usual yoga mats, exercise balls and aerobic step boards. The weighted leather skipping ropes include weights that can be inserted in the handles to vary your exercise intensity and come in different colors to suit your taste.

Healthstream Fitness Equipment guarantees their equipment for four years. They also offer a service program that includes repair in your home and a five day turnaround time for service appointments. Their sale agreement warrants parts for four years and includes one service. Their technicians are fully qualified in an electrical field to ensure your safety at home. If you cannot afford their new equipment you can buy secondhand and restore equipment at a lower price directly from the company, but remember that equipment need to be used must be effective in weight loss and to become fit.

There are a few other popular brands besides healthstream fitness equipment that offer reliable and reasonably priced fitness equipment for both home and commercial use.

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