The Fiber Factor in a Body Building Diet

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by aplumb

Fiber is a very crucial part of a body building diet, and the advantages of including fiber when choosing foods is very cardinal. Essentially, the major sources of fiber in the diet are complex carbohydrates, closely followed by vegetables. Simple carbohydrates lack in fiber, since most have been processed and refined to remove this very crucial component.

The more the fiber contained in a meal, then the harder it will be to fully digest it. That means you will take longer to covert the food into nutrients absorbed into the blood consequently burning more calories in the process than if the food was refined. Fiber content in the stomach also slows down the breakdown in a way that the meal will provide a steady, sustained and yet optimal amounts of sugar into the blood, eliminating the need for insulin in the blood. For those body builders interested in loosing fats, the slow breakdown of fiber-rich meals is an advantage since it gives the body adequate time to burn all your accumulated fats while the breakdown takes place.

Another key advantage of a high fiber meal is that the fiber imparts that essential feeling of being full. This is ideal for those body builders willing to suppress their appetite so as to give the body enough time to reduce fat deposit levels. Again, fibers increase the efficiency of nutrients absorption from the intestines since it slows down the movement of the food or in other words decreases the transit time, thereby giving then villi adequate time to absorb all necessary nutrients in the food. After full absorption takes place, the fibers also help the process of elimination, ensuring that the stomach and intestines are swept clean. This helps in amplifying the health and fitness of the digestive track.

Finally, the soluble fibers in a diet usually yield some phytochemicals, which act as vital antioxidants. These phytochemicals like Betaglucan, have been identified as essential in protecting the body builder against heart disease. Vegetables like broccoli and tomatoes are rich in phytochemicals, sufurafane and lupein in this instance, respectively. That is why manufacturers of diet supplements have actually produced fiber supplements like Metamucil, to give those body builders who cannot eat enough fiber a chance.

The best option however remains combination of vegetables, grains and fruits all the daily meals a body builder eats. It would be better if you strive to maximize the use complex carbohydrates over simple carbs. Gains these complex carbs are better ingested in their natural forms, intact with the high fiber content. Oatmeal should be eaten in thick flakes and not in instant varieties that have gone through processing and refinement. So too for the brown rice, which is better than the white rice varieties. Brown bread should be preferred over white bread, baked potatoes with their skin intact over mashed potatoes and so on and so on. Try out corn, barley, celery, whole maize meals, figs and prunes for they have a very high fiber content.

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