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How to Create or Edit an Event

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Embedded You Tube video how to

How to embeded a youtube video (used article editor to view codes):

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Method 2:

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How to Create an Article

Click on the 'Article-Menu' link as indicated below:

Select Article-Menu














You will enter the article manager. You can select filter to filter articles under certain category for editing or click on the 'New article' button on the right most as indicated below to create new article.  The system will bring up an editor for creating new article

Following is the description for what you should do when using the editor to create your new article:

  1. Enter the title for your article (and the alias for the article.  The alias should be plain text - meant no Vietnamese punctuation).
  2. This is the editor menu: save, cancel buttons and all basic tool for a basic article editor.
  3. Click and hold down this corner the pull-down to extent the text area for typing if you like.
  4. Using the menu to import an existing text (article), images, page break, read-more button, etc.
  5. Select the category that you want your article to be displayed under.  Note: if you select wrong category, your article will be displayed under that wrongly selected category.
  6. Access option: this important.  If you think your article is public viewable then set it as Public.  If it is privately written for CDTL only, then click on the pull-down menu and select 'CDTL Contents' option which only CDTL members can view your article. World or other group member will not be able to view it.  Leave Start Publishing and Finish Publishing blank if you want to have it published instantly. Or, you can set the time when your article should be published.  Note: remember that if you do not have publisher status, you will have to wait for a publisher user to review and publish your article.  Should you need to publish your article, contact any known publisher or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  7. Enter short description for your article (normally a short summary).  This is optional and to be used for web crawler.
  8. Enter your article main key words. This is also optional. It is for web crawler and search engine.


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